5 things you can do to be a tourist at home

We all think our city is great for a variety of reasons, and we all like to boast/defend our city to the death.  How many backpacker conversations have gone sour when someone says “oh I have been to (insert your home town) and I didn’t like it very much…” When I lived in

Walking around the Lake - Canberra

Walking around the Lake – Canberra

Canberra (which if you know anything about Australia you will know that a) it’s the capital city and b) it’s not renowned for its “entertainment”) I would rave about all of the amazing things you could do there if you just knew a local who could show you around (bushwalking, Tidbinbilla, the space tracking station, lake walks – just to mention a few). Now I spend most of my year in Sydney which many argue IS the greatest city in the world. It’s famous for its stunning beaches, relaxed life attitude, beer gardens, seafood and of course the harbour.  But, I would question how many Sydney Siders really KNOW Sydney. Sure they know that Cabramatta is the best place to get Vietnamese, or if you want a great surf beach away from the crowds you need to head to Marobra not Bondi and every local knows that underground bars dot the city if you know where to look. But have the locals walked the harbour bridge, surfed Bondi, gone up Sydney Tower or eaten a Balmain bug on the balcony of the Fish Markets? Sometimes its easy to miss the amazing things that make your city so famous to the rest of the world – so here are five tips on how to get to know your city a little better.

1. Pub Crawl – we all have our favourite bars or pubs, for whatever reason we prefer a select few above all of the rest – but they are usually far away from those that are considered tourist hot spots. Spend a lazy Saturday afternoon doing a pub crawl through your more touristy areas. If you are able to look past the tourist prices and the tourists themselves you will see why those pubs are so popular. Maybe it’s the view, the micro beers, the great cover band or even the mismatched group of tourists who are so friendly that you are instantly their best friend for the afternoon.

Rocks pub crawl

Rocks pub crawl

2. Picnic – when you are travelling you often end up grabbing a quick takeaway sandwich or salad and sitting next to the famous tourist attraction just taking it all in. Why not pack yourself a picnic, grab a blanket and head to that great-place-with-a-view for a relaxing lunch. Don’t be afraid to do it on your own, take a book and soak up the feel of the place.

Picnic in front if Salisbury Cathedral

Picnic in front if Salisbury Cathedral

3. Get a little lost – When we live in a place we rush from point A to Point B as quickly as possible, we know all the short cuts and have passed each of the stores so many times that we don’t even notice them. Give yourself a mission – head into the centre of town, pick a direction, start walking and go in search of a new bookshop/dumplings/whisky bar/clam chowder/vintage clothing – the only rule – DON’T USE GOOGLE!

Searching for long lost pubs in London

Searching for long lost pubs in London

4. Tourist Attractions – Every city has a top 10 tourist attractions, just type it into Google and I am sure TripAdvisor or Lonely Planet will be able to tell. Run your eye over the list and make sure that you have been to all of the items on there. I have yet to go into the Sydney Opera House and I live in Sydney (shock/gasp). Spend a weekend ticking every single one off the list.

Westminster - London

5.Eat – Your city has specialties, things that it thinks it does better than anywhere else in the world! If you’re in Sydney head to the Fish Markets and delight in fresh oysters, if you are in San Francisco head to the piers and warm up with some chowder, If you are in Ho Chi Minh head to Pho 2000 to eat where President Clinton did! They are specialties for a reason, I guarantee their reputation is well-earned!

Crab, Cheese and Cornish Pasties - Doreset

So this weekend – instead of heading to your local or your favourite beach, read the lonely planet for your city and head out on the town with camera in hand and get to know it a little better!


Top 5 Travel moments of 2014 – Bring on 2015!

Top 5 travel moments of 2014

2014 is nearly over and 2015 is looming eerily in the future, pulsating with new possibilities. The introvert in me (yes shockingly I do have an introverted side) needs to stop and take a quick breather before I jump head first in the new year, I need time to look back on all of the awesomeness that took place in the last 12 months; to ensure that the memories are firmly lodged in the vast sometimes empty space that is my brain – I don’t want to lose a single second of my favourite moments.

Here are my top 5 travel experiences for 2014! What an amazing year!

1. Climbing Yosemite Upper Falls Hike – 2,600ft in 6 hours in about 28degree heat with only one water bottle. I learnt a lot during my few days in Yosemite. About how to push through the pain, how small negative comments can completely demotivate you, the buzz of exhilaration when you reach the top and most importantly I learnt that coming down hurts WAY more than going up. By the end I discovered a new hobby – hiking really big beautiful things!

Things I learnt while hiking Yosemite Upper Falls Trail2. Exploring Sydney… again – I live in one of the worlds most beautiful cities, but sometimes it is easy to forget.  If you walk from Coogee to Bondi often enough you stop seeing the beautiful cliff tops and only focus on how many calories the stairs are burning, you head out for drinks at Opera bar and complete ignore the sun setting behind the harbour bridge in favour of another mimosa.  This year I have made a conscious effort to see and get to know Sydney again – discovering new underground bars, a sneaky lunch at the fish markets or a walk through the botanical gardens reminds me that I am pretty lucky!

Sydney harbour bridge

Getting a little lost in San Francisco – It’s a city that has spawned some of America’s greatest authors, artists and poets and as you wander through the hilly streets it’s not hard to see why. Breath taking views of fog rolling across the bay swallowing the bridge, ships and Alcatraz juxtaposed against the graffiti alleyways of Mission and culinary gems of all cuisines that are dotted mysteriously through the city. Letting your feet and stomach guide you as you stumble around – it’s much more fun.

San Francisco, Mission, Lonely Planet Walking tour

3. Bushwalking – Tourists flock from all of the world to enjoy Australia’s natural beauty.  Growing up in a place so naturally blessed its easy to forget that its there.  This year I have made a huge effort to get out and do some of the bushwalks around Sydney, including parts of the Great North Walk and the Kiama Costal track.  Not only is it a mini city break but its also a chance to get fit!

bushwalking the Kiama costal path

4. Eating a Japadog hotdog in Vancouver – some meals you forget about before you have even finished the last bite. Other meals you dream about for years to come, you try and re-create them, you tell all of your friends about them and when you meet someone who has had the same experience you feel like you have found your soul mate. Japadog was one of these life changing meals for me. The concept of the Japanese style fused with the New York hotdog was not something that appealed… especially as I didn’t particularly like hotdogs. Two bites in, I knew I would never be the same again!

Japadog - Kobe Beef. Things to do and eat in VancouverLooking back I think that 2015 has a lot to live up to.  How exciting to think of the possibilities of what could happen next year! What were your best travel moments of 2014 – would love to hear them all!???

Things to do in Vancouver

An Underground Ming Experience – Things locals do in Sydney!

Uncle Ming's Things to do in Sydney

Sydney is flooded with awesome underground bars – from Baxter’s Inn a 1920s prohibition bar to Shady Pines a laidback North American Saloon, nearly every block in the city has a nondescript door behind which, a dimly lit room, with period music and wall furnishings is pulsating with the unusual mix of hipsters and suits. To a local Sydneysider the underground bar phenomena has long since merged from being a phase to being the norm, whether you stumble across them by accident or purposely seek them out, the search for that nondescript door has become a part of the going out process!

Uncle Ming’s may be my new favourite underground bar – and not just because they serve dumplings! Like all Sydney underground bars there isn’t much signage to indicate its location, peering into alleyways and pressing your ear up against doors is part of the adventure of finding it… OR you can follow my instructions.

Finding Uncle Ming’s is easy as it’s located at 55 York street underneath a suit shop one block down from Wynyard Station. There is a New York style stairway that leads down below the street where you will find a door covered in beads… this is Uncle Ming’s.

Uncle Ming's Things to do in Sydney

Once you step through the beads you can be forgiven for thinking that you are in the wrong place on account of the very dim lighting. But take a breath and walk carefully (so as you don’t bump into any furniture or people) your eyes will adjust shortly and then through the darkness you will see some of the amazing artefacts and paintings that adorn the walls.

Pull up a stool and spend some time perusing the menu, don’t just hastily flick through it until you find your regular beer. The descriptions of the cocktails that are on offer by the teapot are part of the full Uncle Ming’s experience.

How about a Senor Chang – cinnamon infused espolon + agave + pineapple + mint
Uncle Ming spent time in field of Tequila. Uncle like what he see, Uncle goes on to create the first Margarita! What a guy! Uncle not even Mexican.

Or maybe you feel like a Tokyo Rose – tanqueray gin + rose + yuzu + lemon + soda
Aunty Ming is florist. She put Rose inside teapot one day that Uncle drinks. Uncle once again take credit. This drink has nothing to do with Tokyo.

Uncle Ming's Things to do in Sydney

While you wait for your teapot of cocktails to be delivered snack on the ridiculously Moorish and tasty deep-fried edamame bean chips. Also spend some time watching the crowd, the red dimmed lights make you feel as though you are more isolated from the rest of the room than you actually are.

After a couple of teapots you will feel Uncle Ming’s magic starting to flow to your head – it’s about this time that you should make the sensible decision and order yourself some dumplings. There are more than enough per serve to make sharing an enjoyable experience.  Being completely candid – these are not the best Dumplings around, especially not as Sydney has so many great options, I did enjoy them though and they definitely hit the spot.  In particular, I enjoyed the pork ones, though the chicken ones left a little to be desired, the vegetable ones were great but could have used a little more filling.

Uncle Ming's Things to do in Sydney

Once gorged, sit back and relax, order some more teapots and hope that it isn’t still daylight outside as heading back into the real world will seriously distort your eyeballs!

Learning the Ropes on a Budget

The weather is starting to change to winter (instead of those balmy 31 degree days we now have 26 degree days) I know it will get even colder but this already feels like the North Pole to me.  I am definitely a weather spoilt Sydney-sider.  In an effort to make the most of the beautiful days before Sydney does the torrential rain thing that it likes to do every winter, a few friends and I went sailing round the harbour.

Sailing Sydney Harbour

Now I can actually hear you rolling your eyes from here  – sailing, that’s for the rich and opulent! How can a simple backpacker/living by a shoestring budget afford to do that?  Well cease your rapid eye movements my friends there is a cheap way to do it.

Groupon.com of course! If you haven’t heard of this site and you are travelling to Sydney – get involved now. In a nut shell it is another deal website that offers cheap versions of things from facials, fancy dinners, cocktail courses and of course sailing. As a local, I love Groupon, it gives me access to things I wouldn’t normally be able to afford. I also recommend it to anyone who is travelling to Sydney as you never know what deal you may find on there – giving you some insight into our very beautiful city that you wouldn’t see if you just sloth through Kings Cross and Bondi.

We paid $120 per person for a full day of sailing round Sydney’s harbour’s with lunch included, was it worth it? (I have just checked the site again and there is a different sailing deal going at the moment for $69.)

Sailing Sydney Harbour

The great thing about this deal is that no sailing experience was necessary and you get to choose how hands on you are – if all you want to do is sunbake and look at the scenery, no one will mind – though of course you won’t be getting the most out of the experience that way.

We met nice and early at the Middle Harbour Yacht Club which is home to the Flying Fish Sailing School – who was responsible for our day of fun.  We would be the crew of a Beneteau 42 which was a former Australian racing yacht.

The weather gods were in our favour as the day started off with some light cloud cover,  there was a medium breeze which meant that the sales were always full but the sea wasn’t too choppy – in saying that I still took some sea-sickness tablets before I boarded (something I inherited from my father’s side of the family).

Our captain was a retired public servant who was teaching young hooligans like ourselves on the weekend for a little fun and some free sailing. There was no “tit-farting” about though – as soon as we were on board he had us grabbing lines and hoisting sales and winding in cranks.  Before we knew what was happening we were out in Middle Harbour with the sail flapping above us.

Sailing Sydney Harbour

Over the course of the morning he showed us how to tack back and forth, to catch the wind, the names of the different ropes and the most efficient way to winch anything. As we headed towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge the clouds finally disappeared leaving us with nothing but glorious sunshine and spectacular views.

Heading towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

Heading towards the Sydney Harbour Bridge

We had tacked around the bridges skirts for a little while before we headed to the southern bay of Rushcutters for some lunch and relaxation.  Once the yacht had been moored, our captain and first mate had disappeared down into the galley to prepare our lunch, we hooligans quickly jumped into the water. For a moment we discussed the possibility of sharks (Sydney harbour being infamous for its Bull Sharks) but decided that in the middle of the day they were probably skulking along the bottom and not very interested in our thrashing legs.

Once we had tuckered ourselves out we climbed back on board only to find a feast had been laid out for us! Every delicious picnic food you can imagine, blue cheese, salami, cheddar, smoked ham, olives, salad (which you had to eat quick or the wind would blow it away), crusty bread, three types of dip, chips and some chocolate for desert.  Just what a human body needs after a morning on the high seas!

That afternoon our trusty captain took us up towards the Manly Heads for a little bit of reverse tacking.  At this point he let me steer… which was something the rest of my shipmates instantly regretted. Turns out I don’t have a knack for steering boats… I was constantly over steering to compensate for the previous oversteer I had done –  it was a little like being in a washing machine while I was navigating.

The helm was promptly wrestled out of my grasp and I went back to winching duties as we crossed out into open waters – I kept my eyes peeled for whales or dolphins but sadly none appeared.

Manly Ferry heading out through the Heads

Manly Ferry heading out through the Heads

As the sun started to turn golden and our thoughts turned away from guide lines  to napping our captain wisely pointed us towards home.  As we neared the dock we watched the gauge that told us how many meters of water was below the bottom of the ship.  Our captain assured us that we would be fine, he had navigated this a hundred times.  Just as he finished saying this, a yacht that had been cruising in beside us suddenly stopped – it had run aground!

But our nerves were for nothing as we watched the depth gauge increased as suddenly as it had dropped.

Back on land my legs felt strange and as I lay in bed that night completely exhausted and sun burnt the world still felt like it was silently rocking.  An awesome day that was worth every penny!

Cant Afford a Trip – Eat Noodles!

Hyde Park Trees under the light of the Noodles

Hyde Park Trees under the light of the Noodles

Its gone – and I am sad.  When it was here it would send wafts of chilli smells throughout the city – drawing even the fullest stomach to its centre.  I knew it would end and no one can say I didn’t make the most of it, but now its gone I find myself looking forlornly at the park where it once was.

Night Noodle Markets

I am of course talking about the Sydney Noodle Markets that invade Hyde Park for the month of October every year.  If you live in Sydney and you missed these – shame on you! If you don’t live in Sydney and you missed these also – shame on you! The noodle markets are a great opportunity to enjoy the unseasonally good weather while stuffing your face surrounded by friends.

Cider tent time!

Cider tent time!

What are the Nigh Noodle Markets: The Night Noodle Markets are a part of the Good Food Month – which is basically a month where Sydney celebrates the amazing food options that can be found around town by feasting unashamedly. The Markets in particular are designer to give off an authentic feel of real Asian hawker markets (as much as I love the Night Noodle Markets I don’t feel they are very Asian Authentic – check out my post from last year ) with stalls serving everything you can think of as well as live music, a Chinese dragon and a Cider Tent.

As one friend remarked “Who needs to go travelling in October when you can come and do a culinary tour of Asia every evening right here” – it is definitely an advantage!

However the popularity of the Night Noodle Markets is also its downfall – by 6pm every evening the place was swarming with people all circling like sharks hoping to find a table. After 6 visits I managed to hone down a well-oiled system to mastering the noodle markets.

  • Go in a group – you definitely need two people at the least though four is best.
  • Send one person there early at 5 when it opens to get a table that isn’t right next to the smelly bins.
  • Once your table has been secured send half of your group off to get some food before the lines get to long.
  • The person left behind has one job only – catch the eye of the wait staff to order the ciders!
  • When hunting for food on your first round start with fun entrees such as Duck Pancakes or the ever faithful – springrolls.Night Noodle Markets
  • When back at your table it is important to not stuff your face too quickly to avoid feeling sick and not able to eat any more.
  • For round two the person left at the table has to have keen wits about them to fit off chair stealers.
  • If you haven’t been to the markets before or if you are not from Sydney and so names like Lemongrass Restaurant mean nothing to you just do what I do – watch which stalls seem to be developing a queue early on – and then jump in quick before the queue becomes unbearable.
  • If you wanted the best Dim Sums hit up Din Tai Fung – and over order or else you will regret it.
Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung

  • Finally after you have stuffed your face to the point where you don’t have the energy to wipe the sweet chilli sauce from your chin you are allowed to sit back and watch the night close in while the fruit bats fly over head.

I am completely devastated that it will be a whole year before i get to take a spin round Asia again.

Completely full!

Completely full!

Oh, its a hard life!

Weekends as a 20 something living in one of the world’s most beautiful cities are often hectic and intense.  The words relax and time out are often spoken of in hushed tones, as something to be revered and thought of as a Holy Grail – you know you have made it in life when you have the leisure to relax.

This is one of my thoughts, as each weekend approaches I hope that I will squeeze in some down time for doing nothing at all.  Then of course I read the weather report and find out that the sun will be shining – no time for relaxing in bed with a good book, time for beach and walks and brunches and Sunday sessions. Or it could be that there is another great food/culture/music/art/theatre/comedy festival on and suddenly my whole day is booked tramping round the city hunting down these great moments. Really, life is hard! There is so much happening that even if you do decide to stay home slouch on the couch you are wrecked with waves of guilt due to you wasting a great opportunity to be doing “something”.

On Saturday I had one of those days where the weather was too glorious for me to contemplate staying home.  Instead I bundled my friends and a picnic into my car and took us down to the Royal National Park in the south of Sydney.  The day before I had googled the best bush walks to do and come up with a medium 11k walk across the Curra Moors. (website idea for someone – make a website with easy to find bushwalks, with maps and descriptions for each walk and most importantly directions on how to get there.  Wildwalks is an OK site for information but it’s so hard to navigate that it’s not really worth it unless you know the specific walk you would like to do. If someone wants to take on this idea and also create an App – I would be truly grateful!)

Bush Walking

Bush Walking

With our backpacks jam-packed with yummy delicious food we headed off into the bush. As most of my walking buddies were from the UK I had a fun time pointing out various flowers and trees such as the Squiggle Bark Gum and the Gymea Lily which was towering over the scrub.

Gymea Lily

Gymea Lily

We were walking through coastal bushland which has fewer trees and more shrubs – giving it the impression of a rocky English moor covered in bracken… only with snakes and spiders. We didn’t see another soul and the only sounds that we heard were the warning cries of the finches and lyre birds as they warned their comrades of our presence and the constant scuttle of leaves as lizards scooted off the path and out-of-the-way of our big feet.

About halfway we hit the cliff tops and jumped across a little stream that disappeared over the edge. As we stood there gaping out at the great cliffs a head popped up under the ledge by our feet.

“Oh hello!” I said somewhat startled that there was a human head where my feet were.

“Hello there” Said the head back as it began climbing up onto the rock shelf we were standing on – proving that it wasn’t a lonely head but part of a full body.

“Nice day for a walk” I said to the man who had now fully materialised.

“yes it is – you girls, out bushwalking? Want to see a snake, there is a big one just sunning himself”

“Yes, yes I do!”

I clambered down the rock shelf to where the man had appeared so suddenly and slipped over the waterfall creek to the other side.  I heard my friends quickly clamber on down behind me – give them their due – not one of them said, ewwwww no!

There on the other side of the creek lying out in the sun was a giant diamond python. At least 2 meters long for what I could see, he gazed at us lazily, blinking in the sunlight before the numerous eyes staring at him made him shy.  It took some time for his body to uncurl and move away down to another rock as he was sprawled over some dead branches.  He silently took his leave of us.  Unlike the bushwalker who had found him.  He, walked with us for the next half an hour nattering away about how hard it’s been to break in is new walking boots – riveting stuff! He did show us the crazy path that would take us down to the beach… which I have no doubt we would have missed without him.

Garie Beach

Garie Beach

The route down to the beach was perilous, involving climbing of rocks, dead trees and random holes.  Made worse by the thought that once we were done at the beach we would have to climb back up again… yay! But once down on the beach all of that was forgotten.  It was a glorious day for all that it was the first weekend of spring.  Within seconds we had all changed and were running head first into the surf – not going to lie it was bloody freezing – but we became numb in a matter of seconds and so proceeded to frolic about in the crystal clear water.

South Coast

South Coast

After we had exhausted our remaining energy retired to the grassy hill to eat our picnic and loll about. If the sun hadn’t suddenly disappeared and reminded us that it wasn’t quite summer yet I have no doubt we would have stayed there till dark, Instead we slogged back up the hill and found the car.

Once home a hot shower and a nap was needed before the evenings entertainments could commence.

Rock -1, Helen – 0!

A competition you say, a competition to win 6 months travel and $50,000 upon your return?  Was this competition made with me in mind – how do I enter? Oh, create a three-minute video and a blog entry… ok um sure.  Wait, it has to be different and original – show off your personality and your subject all with in 3 minutes and 500 words… right…


Camera and tripod in hand with a small gaggle of supportive friends in tow I stood outside the Opera House and looked up and thought about what I was going to say.  Then I realised that the only times I had been inside the Opera House was when I was with tourist friends.

I walked back outside and decided to consider this over a beer – to the Glenmore it was, an old hotel at the Northern end of the Rocks.  The Glenmore has a rooftop bar that is packed every evening of the week – we snagged a table ordered the nightly special and began debating what I could show that was original and different about Sydney.

What it boiled down to was that the best parts of Sydney are fairly obvious – the beach, the pubs and bars, the food and of course the bridge.  So how could I show these things without becoming cliché? The answer was glaringly simple – my friend asked me one questions

“You’re not from Sydney, so why do you love living here?” Not skipping a beat I answered

“Because there is always something to do. Something different!” She just raised her eyebrow at me – that eyebrow said – well there you go, show that!

For the next week I carried my camera and tripod around with me everywhere (I think I became a little lopsided from carrying it slung over one shoulder – note to self buy a rucksack big enough for tripod… or a smaller tripod) and filmed things that I was doing.  Sometimes I was with my friends and sometimes alone.  The great thing about having my friends there was that I didn’t look as strange talking to a camera on my own… the bad thing was that I had to do several takes because you could hear their laughter – thanks guys!

Slowly I pulled together a series of clips that showed my life in Sydney, from the underground prohibition bar, Baxters Inn, to swimming in rock pools.  When I saw my life broken down like that I had a “hell yeah” – Sydney rules moment. Then the real problem started, how to compress it into 3 minutes?  Three nights later I had a clip that I didn’t completely hate but I still didn’t have an ending…

What better way to end it then to show myself doing something adventurous.  There is a cliff just round the corner from my house that people (mainly teenage boys) jump off on hot days and every time I see them do I simultaneously think – they are crazy and I want to do that!  This would be the perfect ending…

Two problems – I don’t do well with heights and finding the right time of day to do the jump.

I cajoled some friends into coming with me, as a tripod doesn’t work too well in water. I Googled high-tide (for the record, my computer is telling me that googled isn’t a word – catch up Apple googled became a word about ten years ago) and at the allotted time I hit the beach and took one look and said, “google lied – that’s not high tide!”

Apparently the summer storms we have been having had created a false sandbar stopping the tide from coming in as high as it normally did but creating some really great waves… shme waves!

In vain hope I tested out the water depth… it didn’t even come up to my shoulders – cliff jump cancelled.  To practise I decided to jump off some smaller rocks.

Jump one – success.  Jump two – disaster.

I climbed up onto the rock, took one step towards the edge and my legs slipped out from underneath me.  My legs flung upwards, my hands went down to catch my head, they slipped out as well – at this split second I had one thought – you are falling and there is nothing that you can do stop it, its going to hurt – A LOT! Sure enough I landed flat on my back – my friends gasped and swallowed their laughter.  Slowly I pulled myself together, shoving down the tears of pain and shock.

“Please tell me someone filmed that?”

“Um no… I was looking the other way…”

I threw back my head and laughed… slightly hysterically.  Gingerly I stood up and climbed of the rock only to realise that I was bleeding from my arms – they had been cut open with giant gashes.  As I climbed back into the water I didn’t think how the salt might sting but how I was attracting any sharks that may be lurking in the area – faster than I ever swam at any school swimming-carnival I was at the other side of the pool and out of the water.

Footage from the first rock jump would have to do!

Now the hard part begins – convincing everyone to vote for me so here are some reasons to vote for me:

  1. I love to travel and tell stories about my travel – this is the perfect competition for me
  2. I hurt myself during the making of my clip – feel sorry for me?
  3. It takes you five seconds and costs nothing but will make me deliriously happy
  4. Good Karma brownie points
  5. I will owe you one!
  6. I REALLY WANT TO WIN! And so I am begging you – help me!

How to vote:

  1. Click the link below
  2. Scroll down for a while
  3. Watch the video
  4. Read the blog entry
  5. Decide if you think I am worthy – this is easy – I AM!
  6. Use the buttons in the green box on the right to SHARE, TWEET, STUMBLE or PIN this link!


Thanks for all your support!