About Me and this Blog

Whit SundaysLike most people I spend most of every day thinking about beating the daily grind and living the dream – and forgetting that in many ways, I am already doing just that.

In my ideal life I would be travelling constantly – living the life of a Nomad – that’s the dream! Taking the steps and building the courage to make it a reality – is another matter.  Like many others before me, I have discovered that having a dream isn’t the hard part nor is working out how to achieve it – the hard part is jumping, trusting that if you fail it will be worth it. I would rather be old and to have failed to achieve my dream than old and wondering what would have happened if I had of jumped.  And who knows it might just all work out well.

In the mean time I live in Sydney which is a city designed for adventure and actionSanta Monica Beach packed weekends. Life isn’t boring when you live in one of the world’s most beautiful cities, surrounded by stunning beaches, bush walks, markets, pop up bars and festivals.  I have no problem calling this place home for the time being – in fact it is a privilege.

Travel for me isn’t just about what’s over the next horizon but about the people you meet as you head towards it. A good story or tale should be jammed packed with interesting characters. Along the way I have found that each adventure is just the same – getting to know and watching people, appreciating the absurd or the unique is vital, as after all we are all a little absurd.

This blog is a catalogue of my adventurous tales both locally and internationally. I write and share these because I have always written, a blog is just the new age version of my pink scented diary that I had when I was thirteen – the big difference being that I invite you to read this as opposed to hiding my diary from my mother.

Lyme Regis in Snow


3 thoughts on “About Me and this Blog

  1. Love the bit about hiding your diary from your mother….I bet you would love to read the diary that she hid from hers!!!!!

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