Croatian Island Hoping My Own Way

A Better Moment

It’s a question that every backpacker faces  – whether to do a tour or work out how to do it on your own? With the Europe summer fast approaching my inbox is being flooded with early bird Sail Croatia deals…. oh so tempting!

Sunny Croatia

With several itinerary options – some starting in Dubrovnik and others in Split, some are round trips, some visit the islands to the south and some do the islands in the north.  You would be hard pressed not to find the perfect itinerary for you.  They also offer a number of styles – for the under 35s backpacker, luxury cruises, sail and cycle and there is even one for young professionals.

Yet with all of these great reasons to do the Sail Croatia experience (or one of the many other companies that offer the same thing) I am still dubious. There are some major drawbacks – the obvious…

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