5 Reasons why NOW is the time to visit Sydney!

Visit Sydney!

Not sure what the weather is doing in the rest of the globe – but here in Sydney it has turned completely fabulous with gloriously sunny days. It’s just a hint of what is about to come as BOM (the Bureau of Meteorology) predicts another scorching summer. This is my favourite time of year in this beach side city, I like it more than summer.  If you are planning on a trip to Sydney here is why you should visit in October or November.

1. Sydney is Emerging from Hibernation! Sydneysiders like to pretend that they enjoy the laidback lifestyle all year round, but the reality is for most of July, August and half of September we all retreat into our houses as the weather gods hit our beautiful city with more rain than London gets in a year (true story!). As spring starts we slowly start to emerge from our caves and resume normal life at the beach, in beer gardens, bushwalking, paddle boarding, rooftop dining and sitting in sun lit parks. By the time October comes around the city has forgotten that there was ever a thing called winter and has packed away all of its space heaters, donning flower spotted dresses and thongs (flip flops to the uncouth).

When to visit Sydney - things to do!

2. Daylight Savings! Suddenly the days a longer and the mornings brighter and all of Sydney rejoices with dinner picnics in the park or on the beach, early morning boot camps dominate every space of green grass from Maroubra to Manly, and everyone races to finish work as early as possible to try and get in a quick swim before the sharks come for dinner.

When to visit Sydney - things to do

3. The Sydney Good Food Month events! For the whole month restaurants all around Sydney are putting on great specials for ridiculously low prices. There are cooking classes by some of Australia’s best chefs and even a whole weekend devoted to chocolate. But the crowning glory of the Good Food Month would have to be the Night Noodle Markets which transform Hyde Park in the centre of the city into a mini Bangkok for a couple of weeks. You will sit in the warm night air and gorge on noodles, dim sums, rice paper rolls and down it all with more cider than is sensible!

Night Noodle Markets - things to do in Sydney

4. The Races! There are racing carnivals on during summer and autumn as well but everyone who is anyone knows that the Spring Race Carnival is the best. It’s a chance for everyone to get dressed up, stand out in the sun screaming hysterically at horses, then due to the sun and the champagne you will probably end up stumbling home before its even dinner time.

When to visit Sydney - things to do!

5.The Weather of Course! How many tourists think that Sydney is the land of eternal sunshine? Spend one winter here and you will quickly realise it isn’t… it rains… A LOT! But then spring comes and brings with it the sun. However this sun isn’t as hectic as the sunshine we will get come January – where you step outside at 8am without a hat on only to find your nose has been burnt off. No, this time of year the sunshine is gloriously warm without any of the painful sting (though please still slip slop slap because that melanoma can still get ya!)

Things to do in Sydney - when should you visit?


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