It’s Official – I am in Love with Pizza!

San Francisco -

It tastes just like I remember!! I’m talking about American Pizza of course!

All I have been thinking about in the lead up to my trip to the states has been food. This may seem rather strange to those of you who know that I am a food lover. As America isn’t generally known for its organic quality or naturally enhanced flavour.  The exact opposite is often said in fact.American Pizza -

It is this that I have been looking forward to the most though.  If you are going to do a fatty fast food – why not do the best!? America certainly does the best!

I am currently staying in Mountain View which is in Silicon Valley just outside of San Francisco.  The amazing thing about Mountain View is that it is sunny and at least 10 degrees warmer than it is in San Fran – which is only a 30 minute train ride away. As I sit here in the sun munching on a double choc-chip, hazelnut and ginger cookie I feel completely content that my memory of amazing fast food has been matched.

Golden Gate Bridge -

Yesterday I spent the day of exploring San Francisco in the cold, wind and fog.  This though, made the place more spectacular – the Golden Gate Bridge loomed up out of the fog giving you the impression that it wasn’t entirely there.  As we walked across it (bucket list TICK) Alcatraz would slip in and out of the clouds making it look more likeAzkaban while the city which dots the hillside behind resembled Olympus. The shops were numerous and the staff endlessly helpful.  When we stopped for a glass of Californian Pinot and some lunch the waiter reminded me why the service industry can survive on tips in the States.

A sneaky Californian Pinot with lunch

A sneaky Californian Pinot with lunch

Yet the best part of the day was arriving back at my friend’s place – who has graciously allowed me to clog up her amazing apartment for a few days – and heading out to her favourite pizza restaurant.

I was a little concerned that over the years of absence I may have built up American Pizza to being more than it actually was.  That maybe the consistency of the crust wouldn’t have that perfect balance between soft and crunch, that the sauce wouldn’t be tangy yet sweet and that there wouldn’t be enough cheese – or worse, too much! Australian’s have never been able to master the art of the Pizza – well not on the scale the Americans have – there is always too many toppings, too much cheese, the sauce is kinda bland, don’t event get me started on the base!

Luckily my fears were un-founded.  From the first bite I was gratified in my wait.  The pizza was just as amazing as I remembered. Right now after gorging on cookies my mouth is watering at the memory. I am definitely going to have to increase my exercise while on this trip so that I can continue to indulge in the wonder of American Pizza.

American Pizza -


4 thoughts on “It’s Official – I am in Love with Pizza!

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  2. Gosh, you are making me crave pizza now. Haha. I’ve got a friend who keeps saying she wishes to do a road trip around USA based on fast food..because the food shows always make it look so good. Just saying…:)

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