Mouthwatering Expectations

One month to go until I fly to Sunny California and my mouth is literally watering with anticipation.  There are so many things that I can’t wait to become re-acquainted with and more than a few new things that I can’t wait to try!

Food (it should be noted that none of the food I am looking forward to in the States resembles anything healthy, but as America is the fast food nation I will gladly embrace the when in Rome ideal):

  • Taco’s – do I need to say more! As I have mentioned before Australia hasn’t quite worked out how to do the whole Mexican thing (though it is getting better)

    An amazingly tasty sloppy burrito

    An amazingly tasty sloppy burrito

  • Pizza – I am convinced that the Americans lace their pizza with a secret addictive drug as no matter how much pizza I eat in other parts of the world it doesn’t quite match up to that giant cheesy slice I could get while walking to class.
  • In & Out Burger – arguably the best fast food burger in the world, there is also a secret menu… if you don’t know what it is, I can’t help you, it’s a secret after all!

Shopping (it’s cheaper and better quality)

  • Anthropology – for a wider range of fun clothes for a twenty something all in one place.

    Shopping Downtown San Diego

    Shopping Downtown San Diego

  • Nike – so I can buy a decent pair of shoes and still afford my rent
  • Jeans – Australia has two styles 1. Long and straight legged or 2. Short and straight legged – they don’t cater to the curvy.
  • Makeup – sick of paying an arm and a leg for bad quality

Beverages (not coffee – Americans fail abysmally when it comes to coffee, I won’t even bother as I will just be disappointed)

  • Free refills – none of this $4 for a small glass of coke business
  • Cocktails – Cheap cocktails because spirits are so much cheaper there
  • Wine – Now I strongly believe that Australia has some of the best wines in the world, but I can only test this belief by trying the Californian wines to compare!

The People (they may not understand my sarcasm or sense of humour but they have plenty of other traits that make up for it)

  • Laughing – Americans laugh out loud… a lot… and it’s contagious! First time I went to a cinema there and everyone laughed and gasped and clapped together was an eye opener
  • Passion – no matter what it is, they are passionate about it so passionate that they would live or die for it
  • Generous – Now my experience with Americans is limited to the West coast so I can’t say they are all generous, but everyone I have met even the stranger on the street who I stopped for directions has gone above and beyond what I would expect from someone back home.

Whether all of these things live up to the giant expectations that I have built for them in my head is yet to be seen. I will have fun trying them all out though!


Your thoughts...?

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