The Wanderer: top five places I’ve always wanted to visit

Sometimes I have too many blog ideas clamouring to get out of my brain that i get word constipation, other times not matter how hard i search the dark corners I can’t find inspiration anywhere, and then there are the perfect days where the minute I sit down in front of my computer my fingers start vomiting words.

Well for those constipated or empty days there is a solution. There are great blogs out there that are designed to give bloggers topics to write about, which is great for those days when you want to write something but your brain has turned to mushy peas.  I wasn’t stuck for a topic today but loved the “Daily Prompts” topic so much more than my own that’s what I am writing on.

So 5 places I have always wanted to visit!

  • Antarctica I have always been fascinated by snow and ice and standing in a landscape that is dominated entirely by these elements would be like visiting an alien world to me.  But if I am completely honest, I have wanted to go to Antarctica ever since I saw David Attenborough’s Life in the Freezer to meet the Emperor Penguins (not going to lie – I will be dressed in a light blue shirt and cream pants under the scarfs and mittens)
  • The Lake District I have actually been here, but I was so young that I don’t really remember it.  I just want to ramble through the hills and valleys stopping at pubs for lunch… or snacks… or drinks… or just because they are pretty!
  • Pemba, a small island off the coast of Tanzania.  My mother spent three years there in her 20s working with UK Volunteers International and bought me up with stories of banana rice, crystal clear water and of the children she taught.
  • A volcano. I’m not picky about which volcano but ever since the movie Dante’s Peak scared the life out of me when I was 12 I have wanted to climb one to get over that fear.
  • Space! Yep – outaspace! It’s not just Richard Branson who wants to see the starry heavens. In a world where a new horizon is harder and harder to find, space is the final off-the-beaten path yet-to-be-discovered location

What five places have you always wanted to visit?


5 thoughts on “The Wanderer: top five places I’ve always wanted to visit

  1. Totally with you on Antarctica and Space! They are ultimate bucket list destinations and I WILL visit them before I die!!!

    I’ll do you a deal, if you ever go your taking me with you! In return I’ll show you round the Lake District, Tanzania and Indonesia (plenty of volcanoes to climb there!! I was actually at the base of one in Java when it was erupting smoke, it was AWESOME!)

    • OK we have deal! Hopefully Mr Branson will make space travel possible soon 🙂 And Indonesia sounds amazing! I always forget that there are volcanoes there – instead I have been thinking Guatemala… now I am thinking Indonesia – so many exciting places to go.

  2. Helen, Andrew and I just completed the 6 day South Downs walk yesterday. Not quite the Lake District but very lovely and sky was full of skylarks! Kate

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