Prawn Salad – for your Inner Seafood Traveller!

My Perfect Fish!

My Perfect Fish!

Seafood! Do I need to say more? I probably do as you may just be left with that one word echoing through your brain causing tidal waves of cravings and not knowing why.  I can’t promise that by the end of this post that you won’t be craving seafood – but at least you may know why.

Seafood – is my universal travel food (I include fresh water varieties as well – is there a word that includes freshwater fish and crustaceans?). All over the world you are able to find delicious variants of seafood dishes, cooked in a myriad of ways with an assortment of tasty accompaniments – you can never go wrong by choosing a local seafood dish.

Seafood has become such a big part of my travelling experience that I have to remember not to base a whole place on my seafood experience. In saying that – other times a place has been made even tastier due to a particular seafood dish that has stuck in my memory long after I have moved onto the next location.

Fish Tacos: Soaking in chilli, garlic and lime juice!

Fish Tacos: Soaking in chilli, garlic and lime juice!

  • Mussels Spaghetti in a hidden lane way lost in Croatia
A relaxing lunch!

A relaxing lunch!

  • Fresh crab sandwich with English cheese in Dorset, England


Crab, Cheese and Cornish Pasties - Doreset

Crab, Cheese and Cornish Pasties – Dorset

The best thing about seafood is that it has many health benefits as well – high in Omega 3, its low in fat, high in protein and has loads of amazing vitamins and minerals. Some studies even claim that oysters and prawns act as aphrodisiacs (which may be some sort of benefit, not necessarily a healthy one). So after being delicious it is also good for you!

Then there is the added bonus that when you eat traditional seafood dishes they are generally the freshest thing on the menu.

Fish Markets Sapa, Vietnam

Fish Markets Sapa, Vietnam

Fish doesn’t keep well as most cultures probably worked out back in the dark ages and so the seafood meals you are served are generally created using what is caught and sold locally (unless of course you are travelling through a supermarket based culture and then… well its anyones game!)

Is it any wonder that seafood is my number one choice when travelling? How can you go past bamboo baked fish, tuna pate or fresh oysters?

This Easter weekend I have escaped Sydney in favour of the surf town of Gerringong – famous for having the largest surf store in Australia as well as several perfectly pristine beaches. So of course I a must indulge in a little locally caught seafood – what kind of trip would this be if I didn’t? Here is a quick recipe that you can whip up to embrace your inner seafood traveller.

Prawn and Mango Salad


Prawn Salad

  • Locally caught prawns (head to the Kiama Fish Shop for the best local produce – though check with a local before you make the trip as it has spontaneous opening hours, dependant on when a catch comes in)
  • 1 mango – cubed
  • 1 avocado – cubed
  • 1 red chill – diced
  • iceberg or cos lettuce leaves
  • Thousand island dressing (if you don’t have thousand island dressing mix one tbs or mayonnaise, one tbs of tomato sauce and a healthy shake of tobacco sauce together)

Prawn Salad


  • Shell the prawns and chop into rough bite size pieces
  • Place all items in a bowl and mix except for lettuce
  • Spoon the mixture into the lettuce leaves to serve.

Prawn Salad





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