Are you a Summer Sloth or a Cold Cuddler?

Lyme Regis in Snow

The changing of seasons always makes me think of travel, (having said that many things make me think of travel) especially as I ride the bus everyday to work in the gloom of rain that hit Sydney for the last week. The sun has finally returned but it seems weaker, slightly pathetic – the summer has gone and winter is coming.

It’s this gloom that turns my mind towards travel, and not just to any place – I am fantasising about tropical beaches and volcanoes in Guatemala, dusty streets licking gelato in Italy, swimming in the clear waters of Greece or a camel ride to the edge of the desert in Turkey – not exactly beanie and scarf places!

It led me to wonder what my image of travel is? The locations I see myself getting lost in?

As I trawl through Pinterest and the plethora of travel blogs that I stalk every week I notice a distinct pull towards the tropical or sunny. Places like Germany don’t receive a second look, Poland I am sure your nice but your weather doesn’t sound great, Scotland your hills are bonny but I will pass on the rain thanks.

Clearly I am a sunshine traveller.Life guards in love - Palm Beach

However the flip side of it all is that I am fascinated by snow (probably because I grew up in a country where it’s a natural phenomenon when it happens). I went to New Zealand in the middle of winter and was caught in one of the worst snow storms in 20 years – best trip ever! Snow angles everywhere! I have watched the David Attenborough Life in the Freezer documentary more than the rest of my DVD collection combined (you are welcome to call me a nerd) – I even looked into possible ways to work on the Antarctica station (you must have genuine life skills like science and electronics instead of marketing and writing good). I enter every competition possible to see the Northern Lights and some reindeer’s (sadly most competitions are for Northern Hemisphere people only – a think there is some kind of discrimination happening).

Why is snow exempt from the cold exclusions? If I am honest it’s probably because I haven’t really experienced bad snow. When I was in New Zealand it was a novelty seeing snow fall. The next few days I was trapped in Queenstown as no one could get in and out so I decided to learn how to ski – on fresh snow… Spectacular fun!

Queenstown after the snow storm

I don’t really understand people who choose to travel to cold and wet climates. My sister took a trip to New York and England over Christmas and my first thought was “Why, its cold then!? Go somewhere warm and visit them when it’s cold here!” she responded with “I like the cold” – which left me baffled and speechless… what could I say to that?

Pros of being a Sunshine Sloth:

  • You are warm!
  • Everything always looks like a post card because the weather is always amazing.
  • Most places that have great sunshine also have great fruit – which always makes you have that holiday feel.
  • You get to wear less clothes – no bulky layering required
  • Swimming!
  • Lolling about is not only acceptable – its required.
  • Afternoon naps
  • Enjoying the nightlife outdoors under the stars
  • Firedancers
  • No make-up – because you are so hot you will sweat it off anyway so what’s the point
  • Shoes seem pointless
  • Hilarious tan lines
  • There is more light – none of this getting dark at 3 or not at all business!

Pros of being a Cold Cuddler:

  • Wearing boots, and trench coats, and scarfs and beanies! Hiding out from the rain at the Lamb and Flag in Covent Garden
  • Mulled wine/hot chocolate
  • Everything indoors always feels cosy and has a happy glow
  • No sunburn or hilarious tan lines
  • Snow!
  • Sleeping at night is easier under your giant doona (or as the rest of the world calls them duvet)
  • Warm comfort food such as pie
  • If the sun does come out the cold crisp air makes for excellent photographs
  • No sweat marks
  • No humidity which always equals frizzy hair

What kind of traveller are you? Are there more Pros that I have overlooked?


4 thoughts on “Are you a Summer Sloth or a Cold Cuddler?

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  3. I will never pass up a tropical holiday, but there is something so novel and romantic about travelling in the winter. Especially when there is snow. There are less crowds, you see things in a different light – literally, and of course the fashion is so much more enticing! But maybe that’s because I’m from Melbourne – where the winter temperatures run through my veins!

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