A Sandwich Break in Tasmania

Today is one of those days where my lunch really wasn’t satisfying.  I spent half the afternoon clock watching as my tummy rumbled in annoyance.  I could have walked out of my work and bought a chocolate at the corner store but as I am lazy and saving all of my pennies I thought it best to sit and suffer.

It’s a weird kind of torture that your mind does when you are hungry – it seems to pull up memories of all of those delicious meals that you wish you could be eating right at that point.

Just before Christmas a friend and I popped to Hobart in Tasmania for a weekend – for no other reason than I scored some cheap flights way back in March (sometimes dirt cheap flights just need to be purchased).  Despite it being summer and nearly 30 degrees every day in Sydney – Tasmania was cold… really cold.  I was not dressed appropriately.

Tasmania is famous for being cold, but it is also famous for its nature and beer, as such we had booked on an extreme mountain bike ride down mt wellington which would take us past the Cascade Beer factory.

Mt Wellington

Mt Wellington quick facts: Its only 1,271 meters tall but is often snow-capped even in summer.  One side of it Is almost sheer rock – this is also the side where the road is cut in.  The lower parts of the mountain are covered in lush forest which changes to more barren and stunted trees as you get higher before finally the trees recede all together leaving nothing but rock and brush to cut down the wind. The views are amazing!

It was a balmy 7 degrees and was occasionally spitting with rain – I was most definitely going to freeze.  To put off the inevitable death and in an effort to give ourselves some energy so our bodies could maintain body heat in the extreme conditions we went in search of lunch.

Almost by accident we stumbled on the amazing bakery/patisserie Daci & Daci on Murray St right near the harbour and the famous Mona pick up location. Although there was outside seating there was pretty much no one sitting there on account of it being freezing, yet we were drawn in by the soft warm lighting, wooden floors and of course – the smell of fresh bread! 

Daci & DaciNot only was my nose confronted by the amazing aroma but my eyes almost fell out of my head as they goggled all of the deliciously positioned pastries, sandwiches and cakes.  Sometimes I suffer from the affliction “eyes bigger than my stomach” and due to the amount of amazing food I could see in front of me I was determined not to over indulge.

Freshly baked bread at Daci & Daci

Freshly baked bread at Daci & Daci

After careful consideration I selected a sandwich while my friend selected a tart. We chose a table by the window so that we could watch the local Tasmanian’s hurry past on their way to work.

When the food was placed in front of us by one of the many and very competent wait staff I had another mouth hanging open with drool slipping out moment.

The bread was crusty and soft, the ham salty and flavoursome.  Yet the best bit was the pear and tomato chutney that some how gave it just that edge of sweetness with a little bit of spice and the moisture to cut through the doh of the bread.  I tried to eat it slowly to savour every mouthful… I failed and shoved it in as quick as possible.

Smoked ham and jarldsberg cheese with pear and tomato chutney and rocket

Smoked ham and jarldsberg cheese with pear and tomato chutney and rocket

Once we had finished we were still hungry – ok maybe we weren’t “hungry” but we hadn’t satisfied our sweet cravings.  Everyone knows that we have a separate stomach specifically for desert, you can eat as much as you want for main and still fit in desert in this spare stomach.

After careful consideration of all of the delicious goodies, weighing up between fruit tarts and cheese cakes, eclairs and pastries – it wasn’t an easy choice – finally we decided on a banoffee tart with pop corn on top. I can’t describe it because you can’t describe a little slice of desert heaven!

Banoffee Tart

Banoffee Tart with Pop Corn

Next time you are down South head to Daci & Daci – made the descent in the freezing cold manageable.

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