A Whiff of a Tuna Paté Memory

We all know that our senses are strongly linked to our memory – we have all had that moment when walking through a shopping centre and a whiff of someones cologne gives you an instant flashback to that pubescent ex-boyfriend. A sausage sizzles makes me think of Saturday mornings following Dad around Bunnings (Bunnings definitely have an advertising advantage on a whole generation), when ever the name Queanbeyan is mentioned I immediately think of going to the South Coast (only a feeling a fellow Canberran will know), the sight of Colin Firth even in his old age still makes me feel like a young teenager gawking at the TV watching Miss Bennett and Mr Darcy fall in hate then in love.

Of course not all sensory memories are things you want to remember; every time I smell bleach I get flashbacks to my time as a kitchen hand in a hospital, the Nutbush just reminds me of awkward school discos and whiskey reminds me of that time I over indulged.

Occasionally though, there is a moment we want to remember, relive in what ever small way possible! This weekend I was reminiscing over the fabulous time I had basking in the Croatian sun while lolling in crystal blue waters.


Almost sub-consciously I found myself in the kitchen preparing a mini feast for a few friends. Grabbing cheeses, olives, celery sticks, the old faithful spinach dip and finally my famous tuna paté!

This is a recipe I have half made-up and half stolen from others, all in an attempt to recreate that perfect meal moment I had in Croatia.

We had started the day late on the island of Korchula, having slept in, after a late breakfast we had revived ourselves by climbing over the walls of the town and flopping into the water. At some point we grabbed an ice cream and explored the shops, including climbing an old church bell tower – it really was an exhausting day!


We decided to treat ourselves to a nice meal out at a fancy restaurant with table cloths. We placed our order and sat back watching the sun setting over the terracotta roofs when suddenly the waiter appeared with a little appetiser on the house – tuna paté with crusty bread. I don’t remember the rest of the meal – it can’t have been anything spectacular. To this day all I want is to relive those four bites of tuna pate on crusty bread after a long day swimming and watching the sun set!

After chatting with a few locals and some googling I have pulled together the below recipe – a must have for any entertaining shindig or for a Sunday afternoon splurge!

  • 400g tin of tuna in the brine or oil (you could use real tuna – but who has 400gs of cooked tuna left over) (if you don’t want the brine drain it off and melt a slice of butter to add instead to keep it moist)

    A handful of roughly chopped parsley and spring onions

    A handful of roughly chopped parsley and spring onions

  • A large hand fully of roughly chopped parsley
  • 2-4 Clove’s of garlic (how much depends on how much you plan on kissing later in the evening)
  • Spring onion tops – one handful, chopped
  • 300g Cream cheese or if you feel like a healthier version, cottage cheese.
  • 3-5 green olives
  • Salt and pepper
  • A squeeze of half a lemon
  • If you like it salty like me add in half a tin of anchovies, if not then leave them out – they don’t make it any more “fishy”
  • A very healthy splash of tobacco sauce.


Simply put all the ingredients into a food processor and whizz whizz!

Small processor: Separate and whizz in batches

Small processor: Separate and whizz in batches

However if you have a little food processor like me, you can put all the ingredients into a big bowl and mix them together and then whizz whizz them in batches.

I like to let it sit on the fridge for half an hour or so, it’s often even better the next day so you can make it ahead of time if you know you are entertaining.

Serve with crusty bread, crackers or celery sticks.

Serve with crusty bread

Serve with crusty bread


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