Creating Travel Goals

The new year has started and we are all back at work.  In Australia this is particularly difficult as the weather is still brilliant – shining through your office windows taunting you to play hookie and run off into the waves.

Summer Sun

Summer Sun

I can’t really complain though as my boss is a great lover of living life and so gave our whole office Monday off and then half way through Tuesday declared that we have done enough work for the first day back and we should all go to the beach! I think I should get him AWESOME boss of the year award – and its only one week in!

Though as I lay on the beach all greasy from sweat and sun cream I started thinking about the year ahead – something I have resolutely been avoiding all through the break period. Now, however, the thoughts are clamouring to be heard and although I am lying on a beautiful beach with friends about to join me ciders in hand I can’t help think about what 2014 might bring.

Garie Beach

Garie Beach

My boss sent out a great email asking us to take some time this week thinking about our goals for the year – both professionally and personally. To help us along he gave us a little exercise:

In 30 seconds write down 3 important goals

  • Travel
  • Make more money for travel
  • Stop biting my nails… again

Rank 10 goals that you wish to achieve in 2014

  1. Travel to either the States or Central America
  2. Write more – blog/hypothetical novel
  3. Start couch surfing
  4. De-clutter my belongs – (sell it all on ebay and then use the money for travel)
  5. Grow my nails and then get a manicure (nine days in and going strong – red nail polish here I come!)
  6. Date fewer losers
  7. Learn how to sail (and overcome my hereditary seasickness ailment – thanks Dad!)
  8. Eat healthy, exercise more (wine and cheese are healthy right???)
  9. Actually win a game of Basketball (we came close last season… so close!)
  10. Get my scuba diving license

If money was not an object what would you do?
Travel for at least two years

What are you too afraid to do?
Not much… sky diving… moving to Hollywood and becoming a scriptwriter… karaoke

In looking over my answers I think its pretty clear what my focus for 2014 should be – not biting my nails and finding a way to travel as much as possible. There are a number of options that need to be decided upon now.

  1. Should I take little or no holidays, be stingy with every penny so that I can do a big trip at the end of the year or next year even.
  2. Should I take a number of small long weekend holidays and see more of Australia?
  3. Should I take a short two-week holiday somewhere overseas?
  4. Should I get a weekend job, work my ass off and have both the odd weekend holiday and a trip overseas?

Travel List

It is the old balance between time and money conundrum again.  Finding the time to fit everything in as well as finding the funds. Although I adore Sydney and think it must be one of the best cities in the world to live in it is actually very expensive and with so much going on I always seem to blow my budget on activities.

My New Years Resolution then – save more money for travel!

How I will do this is yet to be seen, I may have to get creative – if anyone has any great money-making schemes let me know? Stay tuned…

5 thoughts on “Creating Travel Goals

  1. I actually wrote a short list of 7 tips to travel more this 2014 and one of the most important ones, financial wise, is to cut the expenses, I literally cannot remember the last time I had dinner at a nice restaurant 😮

    Good luck this 2014 and I sure hope you’ll visit Central America, I’m sure you’ll love it! 😀

  2. It could be worse, you could have to go back to work in -5 degrees C, wind and rain in England! ;D There is some good news though, backpacking RTW can actually be the ultimate diet and exercise plan!

    Saving up for your RTW trip is quite easy too, it all starts with the little things, those little sacrifices. Stop buying that cup of coffee or expensive sandwich on your lunch break and take a packed lunch instead, stop buying those impulse DVDs off the internet, limit your nights out/restaurant visits to a twice weekly or monthly treat … all of these and more all add up after just a few months. You don’t have to cut out ALL of your activities, just maybe limit them to a couple a month (or whatever) and specifically put the money you would have spent on the other activities in your trip savings. You don’t have to become a recluse either, just balance living your life with saving.

    And it’s a brilliant idea to have short jaunts in your own country, thousands of visitors save up all year to visit Oz, you are already there! Make the most of it! Why not make it a goal, three months of saving and a saving goal reached means you can reward yourself with a long weekend in a city or tourist spot you have never been to. You can even stay in the hostels with other backpackers to give you a taste of what you have to look forward to!

    Good luck!

    • Thanks! Great advice – its the cutting of the little things like my sneaky after lunch chocolate that will start to add up and make the difference. But you are right if I don’t have the odd treat I will go INSANE!

      p.s -5 is crazy! its 31 here today!

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