Cant Afford a Trip – Eat Noodles!

Hyde Park Trees under the light of the Noodles

Hyde Park Trees under the light of the Noodles

Its gone – and I am sad.  When it was here it would send wafts of chilli smells throughout the city – drawing even the fullest stomach to its centre.  I knew it would end and no one can say I didn’t make the most of it, but now its gone I find myself looking forlornly at the park where it once was.

Night Noodle Markets

I am of course talking about the Sydney Noodle Markets that invade Hyde Park for the month of October every year.  If you live in Sydney and you missed these – shame on you! If you don’t live in Sydney and you missed these also – shame on you! The noodle markets are a great opportunity to enjoy the unseasonally good weather while stuffing your face surrounded by friends.

Cider tent time!

Cider tent time!

What are the Nigh Noodle Markets: The Night Noodle Markets are a part of the Good Food Month – which is basically a month where Sydney celebrates the amazing food options that can be found around town by feasting unashamedly. The Markets in particular are designer to give off an authentic feel of real Asian hawker markets (as much as I love the Night Noodle Markets I don’t feel they are very Asian Authentic – check out my post from last year ) with stalls serving everything you can think of as well as live music, a Chinese dragon and a Cider Tent.

As one friend remarked “Who needs to go travelling in October when you can come and do a culinary tour of Asia every evening right here” – it is definitely an advantage!

However the popularity of the Night Noodle Markets is also its downfall – by 6pm every evening the place was swarming with people all circling like sharks hoping to find a table. After 6 visits I managed to hone down a well-oiled system to mastering the noodle markets.

  • Go in a group – you definitely need two people at the least though four is best.
  • Send one person there early at 5 when it opens to get a table that isn’t right next to the smelly bins.
  • Once your table has been secured send half of your group off to get some food before the lines get to long.
  • The person left behind has one job only – catch the eye of the wait staff to order the ciders!
  • When hunting for food on your first round start with fun entrees such as Duck Pancakes or the ever faithful – springrolls.Night Noodle Markets
  • When back at your table it is important to not stuff your face too quickly to avoid feeling sick and not able to eat any more.
  • For round two the person left at the table has to have keen wits about them to fit off chair stealers.
  • If you haven’t been to the markets before or if you are not from Sydney and so names like Lemongrass Restaurant mean nothing to you just do what I do – watch which stalls seem to be developing a queue early on – and then jump in quick before the queue becomes unbearable.
  • If you wanted the best Dim Sums hit up Din Tai Fung – and over order or else you will regret it.
Din Tai Fung

Din Tai Fung

  • Finally after you have stuffed your face to the point where you don’t have the energy to wipe the sweet chilli sauce from your chin you are allowed to sit back and watch the night close in while the fruit bats fly over head.

I am completely devastated that it will be a whole year before i get to take a spin round Asia again.

Completely full!

Completely full!


4 thoughts on “Cant Afford a Trip – Eat Noodles!

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  2. I must say that noodles are not one of my favourite foods and I wood have to be very hungry to decide to have them before a piece of dried bread but then I am an ancient Pom. I don’t know why but it brought back one of my first tips ashore in Aussie. about 70 years ago. The ship had to be fumigated so we were all given a small sum of money told their was a bunk for the night for us on one of the passenger liner at Central Wharf and we could do what we liked for 24 hours and be back on board for 8 am the next day. We 4 apprentices took the train to Cronulla wandered around had a couple of schooners and I do remember a pile of hot prawns the first we had ever had. Back near Circular Quay area we joined the 6 o’clock swill then had a Tee bone and chips and then found the old “Nestor” and our bunks for the night. I think we had been given $2 to see us through the day and it did!

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