A good trip: 50% Location and 50% the People – who ever they may be!

I do love my own bed – really I do! Yet I find myself silently cursing it every morning I wake up at home.  In all honesty though it’s not the bed that’s making me sad – I have the home time blues.  I have been home a while now and yet they aren’t fading as quickly as they normally do. The perfect solution is rather obvious I need to steal the Bed Knobs and Broomsticks bed which will take me to many amazing places with just three tabs of the bed knob (innuendoes aside) then I could be happy where ever I sleep.

I had no excitement about coming home – probably because when I left London it was 28 degrees (gasp in shock) and when I arrived in Sydney it was 5 degrees and raining (double gasp!).

Of course I loved seeing my friends again… for all of five seconds, soon though we were all talking about work and love and diets and life – topics which I had studiously avoided for the length of my trip.  I wished that we could all jump in a van and take off on a road trip together, leaving all of these thoughts behind.

Work was not the worst part (shock), we were so busy that I had to jump in with two feet due to the mountain of emails that were clamouring to be heard that from 8-5 I forgot that I had ever been on holiday…(hmmmmmmm)

No the worst thing is that the memory is starting to slip (the old lady in me has begun to surface).  Of course I remember the events, and the places and even the people.  The feeling though – you know the feeling! The one where you feel free and energised, where any worries are limited to if you will wake up in time with/without a hangover for your walking tour. The feeling of possibilities but at the same time the feeling that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to.

In trying to recapture this feeling – even for just a moment – I started going through my videos and films, and because I have a blog that means I must share!

Here is Croatia – Love from me!


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