Dear England, Thank you for the Sunshine!

Dear England,

I would like to thank you for your lovely hospitality so far. I have particularly enjoyed being able to wear jumpers and jackets once again.  I think you are right in scorning summer as too much sunshine can turn you that nasty peasant brown colour which no one finds particularly attractive.

Also as pretty and practical as dresses are, all the bright colours do give me a headache so it is much better to be wrapped up in jeans and a hoodie to protect the eyes from the glare of bright oranges, yellows and greens.

There was that brief moment when I was exploring London with some friends that you let the sunshine break through. In that instance it was actually quite pleasant because there was still a little chill on the air.  This meant that we were able to walk around Camden Markets at ease with our jackets constantly in hand in case there were needed with only a moments notice.

However, I did note that the McDonald’s in Camden was rather hard to find.  I spent half an hour wandering past all of the delicious smelling food stalls with origins from every corner of the globe – I was struck with indecision… there is a thing called too much choice and flavour.  I did in the end make a decision to have a chicken and cheese tikka masala roti wrap, and as I was standing out of the way (in a small patch of your silly sunshine) I heard a woman remark ‘Where exactly is the McDonald’s?’ – clearly your fresh and delightful food is not too everyone’s taste – you should have more McDonald’s!

Spoilt for choice at the Camden Markets - would you like a giant wok full of paella??

Spoilt for choice at the Camden Markets – would you like a giant wok full of paella??

I am curious as to how your nocturnal animals manage to survive these ‘summer’ months with so much daylight? For my part after spending a few hours beneath ground with some friends in a quaint cocktail bar, when I emerged a couple of hours later I felt like a kangaroo caught in headlights. Indeed, I am assuming it is because of this effect that you allow your patrons to partake in their beverages in the street.  This is clearly a traffic hazard and if I had been able to drive at this point I am sure I would have been annoyed.  However, instead I was able to enjoy milling about on a cobbled street in daylight instead of being in a small dark pub.

I am very much enjoying my time here, and hope to spend my remaining time gallivanting round your southern counties – as long as you keep the sun away that is.

Arriving in Dorset to a glorious sunshine vista!

Arriving in Dorset to a glorious sunshine vista!

Thanks and regards,


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