What is Perfection?

Can you have such a thing as too perfect.  Too many moments where you want to sigh with pleasure to the point where it is no longer possible to feel how spectacular the moment really is?

Dubrovnik streets

After a few days in Dubrovnik I began to think so! There was only so many times I could look up at the ancient streets covered in vines which the sunshine was glinting through ever so slyly and marvel. Only so many times I could jump into the crystal blue sea and lean back and say ‘Dude is this my life!’. After a while you begin to feel your sense of reality has been warped and changed.

Yet in saying this I can genuinely say that my last night in Croatia in the southern capital of Dubrovnik really did ignite the spark of perfection.

We had spent the day in typical Dubrovnik backpacker style, after making friends with everyone in our dorm room we had proceeded to jump off rocks just outside the city walls into the sea that was so clear that we could sea the bottom even though it was a good 15 meters below us. By the end of the day we were tired (even though we had been sleeping all day), sunburnt (You can’t escape the sun no matter how much you slip slop slap) and worst of all… hungry!

A plan was made: to head home, shower, make ourselves slightly pretty and head round the corner for dinner.

When we arrived at Lady Pi Pi’s the gate was closed as it was already full.  For a moment we considered turning around and finding somewhere else to eat… only for a moment.  The smell of the roasting meats in garlic on the open outdoor flame had wafted to where we were standing – there was now only one thing to do – stand there and salivate until a table became free.

While we were standing there for half an hour watching the light slowly become more golden as it set over the terracotta roofs a small cat wandered past and jumped into a fountain just next to the gate… and this is how we discovered how the restaurant got its name.

Lady Pi Pi

Lady Pi Pi

Finally we were shown to a table on the top terrace just as the sun was dipping down into the sea. After waiting and staring at the menu for so long we wasted no time in ordering. Sardines and muscles with crusty bread for starter.  I would like to say that they were the most amazing muscles I have ever had with confidence but I think my hunger level may be skewing my judgement – but under anyones scale of judgement they were definitely up there with the best.  Made even better by dipping the crusty bread into the garlic tomato sauce to catch the few muscles that had escaped their shells and the orignal gorging.

After my second glass of the local red wine that is made in a vineyard just outside the city, my main arrived!

The light had started to fade and our meals were lit by candle light (which sounds romantic but when you are with a bunch of sunburnt backpackers… it really isn’t) yet there were no beastie bugs around – probably because we were so high up above the city.

Dubrovnik Views

Grilled sea bass with steamed garlic vegetables…. it was perfect! In fact I would go so far as to say it was fabtabulous!

The meat fell off the fish bones so easily that I was practically inhaling it instead of chewing it. Every mouthful had managed to catch all of the delicious flavours of the garlic grill.  Not going to lie – I took my time with it!

My Perfect Fish!

My Perfect Fish!

Finally when darkness had fully descended on the city we had finished.  To end the evening off we headed to the supermarket to grab a couple of beers to drink while we sat on the water’s edge… while also licking ice creams (not the best combination but shme).

As I sat there with good friends (who I had only known for two days) with a full belly (and really bad garlic breath) a beer in hand (slightly warm…) and with the beautiful moonlit ocean stretched out in front of me, I honestly couldn’t think of a single moment that could be more perfect and satisfying.


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