Like an Old Friend

I would be lying if I didn’t say that three days ago I was a little nervous about my upcoming trip.  I was contemplating like a novice the thoughts and logistics of the next couple of days with nothing but fear and trepidation. 

I didn’t think I would survive the jet lag, lugging my pack across London or living constantly on the move again.

Yet the minute I arrived in Sydney airport it changed, I instantly became comfortable, greeting the travel experience like an old friend.  You know the friend – someone you can chat with and hang out with, who you may not see for two years straight and yet greet one another in exactly the same place you left off – usually mid sentence.

The inner backpacker in me re-surfaced, I relaxed when the man sitting next to me kept putting his elbows on my side of the chair – he had the middle seat after all which is never easy. At my stop over in Kuala Lumpur I made friends with some 18 year olds on their first trip away so that I could have a nap with someone kinda looking out for me.

When we hit a rough patch of turbulence I just picked up my cup so that it didn’t spill all over me while others screamed. When the plane over shot the run way because there was another plane still parked on it… I shrugged my shoulders and relaxed back into the seat while we circled around waiting to try to land again.

I successfully navigated my way across London with the help of some friendly tube staff who pointed me to the right stations, to meet my cousin. Slapped down the mistress that is sometimes known as jetlag with a delicious Pimms.

In true backpack style I didn’t have a minute to unwind but was up early the next day to bus across town to catch my flight to Croatia.  In Luton airport I did in fact meet up with an old friend who is coming with me to Croatia – and catching up with her was just as easy as shouldering my backpack once again. We bumped our packs together like sumo wrestlers instead of hugging, and then immediately started discussing the important things in life – lunch!

This is how travel should be – something that grows with you and is always there for you when you need it, something that makes you feel comfortable and yet a little out of your comfort zone.  For good friends always challenge you to be better!

Now here I am in yet another hostel, after having an amazing seafood risotto and making friends with complete strangers.  Looking forward to a good nights sleep even though its 28 degrees.  This is the life!

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