The Thick and the Mundane!

It’s a week before I get on a plane – A PLANE! I am running through all of the important last minute problems and decisions, and not really the obvious ones like what to pack – I know they will work themselves out, more –

  • Who will take me to the airport…? C’mon guys do not make me catch a cab
  • What will my status update be when I am in the airport to make everyone jealous
  • What would be the most comfortable, and yet flattering item of clothing to wear on the plane?
  • Through which leg of the flight should I try and sleep.
  • How do I avoid getting stuck in the middle seat – AGAIN!
  • Will it really be possible to find my cousin at the agreed meetings spot in the centre of London without a phone?
  • How many pairs of swimmers should I be taking to Croatia?
  • Can I be bothered to get my hair done before I go?
  • What should my status update be when I land in London…
  • Which films should I watch on the plane?

These are all important questions that need serious contemplation that will take up the several hours of bus commute that I have left before I am on yet another form of germ infested transportation.

Yet I think that I haven’t devoted enough time to doing the most important thinking of all – the contemplation of travel itself.

Up until recently I have spent hours on the bus, while walking, while pretending to watch TV, thinking about the fabulous trips that I would rather be on at that point in time.

  • Horse riding in Montana
  • Paddling in the Black Sea
  • Chasing after monkeys who have stolen my backpack in…  well…anywhere in Asia.

Why is it that now it is so close that I am spending less time dreaming about my impending trip and more time focusing on the little details.  It’s almost as though the little things in life that were so boring and mundane before have once again become exciting and riveting.

And then I saw this clip and I thought – yes he has it! Travel is a chance, no an opportunity to spend time remembering to focus on the little things, the inspiring things, the moments that stop your heart – on the awe!

Then I thought why cant I hang onto this through the everyday.  How do I lose it so easily that it becomes a distant memory that is only triggered when I watch films or hear a song that pulls at some unknown heartstring.

New vow – to try and hang onto the awe of life through the thick and the mundane!


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