Down with Bucket Lists – Bring on the Wish List full of – Boiling Lava, Snapping Sharks, Delectible Feasts

As I have stated previously I really don’t like the term Bucket List – I hate the idea that I will one day kick the bucket with a scribbled list of failures.  Also, as previously stated I think that they are so constricting.

For example on my first “Life List” I had “Travel East Coast in a Combi Van” – when on holiday in Cairns when I was 14 I saw so many bronzed backpackers living their lives on the road – away from parents, away from distractions, living life fast and lose – well that’s how it appeared to my adolescent eyes.

Years later I did travel all of the East Coast… but instead of doing it in a Combi Van I did it in my little Ford Festiva.  After seeing all the dark campsites and Wicked Vans on the side of the road I was so happy to be in my little bomb of a car, with cheap petrol – hostels seemed like a luxury! So does that count, can I claim that? Or do I have to wait until I buy a Combi Van and go again?

So I have decided to make Wish Lists and let them be as flexible as needed – the aim is not to have items crossed off so that one day I have a long list of crossed out items.  Instead once an item has been completed it will be removed and another will take its place – therefore the list will be ever growing and evolving – like a tree – like life itself!

My list below has been growing ever since I was little – some things have been removed after they have been completed, like seeing Uluru and learning how to Ski in New Zealand – my insperation for the items below have come from far and wide… but the biggest contributor would have to be the man himself: David Attenborough!


  • See Pemba with my Mum – where she volunteered for three years in the 70s in Africa
Mum learning how to eat coconuts in Pemba.

Mum learning how to eat coconuts in Pemba.

Photographer: Chen Fei - Temple Apollo Pompeii

Photographer: Chen Fei – Temple Apollo Pompeii

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