How Many Tickets Does it Take to Lose a Prawn Raffle?


So Sydney isn’t exactly the most hustly bustly city that most major cities are – the culture of the whole city is one of sunshine, play and fun – work really is second place.  Still sometimes the crowds on the beaches and the packed shops and the overspilling cafés can get a bit much – that’s when it’s time for a weekend away!

Gerringong – a little hamlet on the South Coast was our destination – wine, cheese, wine, lounging around, wine, beach time, wine, shopping and some more wine were our plans.  Because Gerringong is so small we thought there wouldn’t be much to do, that the lounging around portion of our plans would take up the most of this girlie weekend… we were wrong.


Beaches: Werri beach is a favourite of mine as there is great surf as well as swimming pools for those not wanting to go in the surf.  Then of course there is 7 Mile Beach over the hill at Gerroa… its seven miles of sun, sand, sea and surf… AKA: Bliss!

Eating: There are many great restaurants in the area – with so much seafood around it’s hard to choose.  I would definitely recommend Werri Beach Fish and Chips a great place to sit outside and eat delicious seafood – or grab your takeaway and head onto the beach. Or if you are like us, buy some prawns and hot chips and head home to eat them with cheese and dips and wine while sitting on a beautiful deck looking at the ocean. For desert head into Gerringong for a scoop out of Scoops, some of the best ice cream on the south coast, you can then sit out on the hill and enjoy the sunset.

For a great night out: head over to Gerroa Fisherman’s Club.  The club is beautifully situated on top of the hill so when its light you can look out over the full 7 Mile Beach.  The specialty on the menu is seafood and you won’t be disappointed!  It’s fresh and well-cooked for prices us city slickers can only dream of. The place is always packed with locals and tourists alike and has a friendly atmosphere – don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation while you wait in the queue to order.  On weekends they have a meat raffle and a seafood raffle… sadly despite our best efforts we did not win.  This was followed by some live music, the atmosphere was great with everyone getting up to dance – so great that it took us a while to notice that the singers guitar wasn’t plugged in… nor was he strumming the right notes

Activities: If you are feeling energetic you can do the 6K Gerringong to Kiama coastal walk, it runs over beautiful cliffs with spectacular views and at the end there is beautiful Kiama to explore.  If this is a little too energetic for you (as it was for us), you can try some wine tasting.  The area is littered with many great wineries hidden away in the mountain foothills.  You can spend the day driving (if you are the unlucky Designate Driver) or can hire tours to take you to around.

Shopping: Gerringong’s Surf shop is renowned on the South Coast for not only its size (being massive) but its great variety, friendly service and turnover of stock (which means there is always a sale on!) and its been there for over 30 years. I have yet to enter the place and walkout without purchasing at least something… take four girls in there – say goodbye to the next couple of hours and $400!

Or if you feel like something more for the whole family – head to Berry.  A kitchy art town just off the coast, situated amongst the green rolling hills and bubbling brooks, you have some great shops filled with more nick-knacks than you can point a stick at.  There are also some great restaurants here as well sporting locally grown produce.

Entertainment:  Always check the what’s on guide for Gerringong as most evenings in the summer there are great activities thrown by the community; from outdoor cinemas to themed art and cheese nights.  We enjoyed a great afternoon in Berry sitting in the sun at Mezzadellas Woodfired Pizza & Tapas eating pizza and drinking beer while we watched some live Music – checkout Penny and the Mystics as they were great and have just come back from a tour.  Definitely an improvement on the live music from the Gerroa Fisherman’s Club…

Gerringong: A place of wine, seafood and live music!


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