Foolishness in a home-made sign

I am totally devoted to winning My Destinations Biggest Baddest Bucket List that on the weekend I dressed up in a home-made sign, grabbed some lollie pops as bribery and headed to the beach to gather me some votes. After this experience I have a lot more respect for those annoying people who stand on street corners handing out flyers… talking to complete strangers is hard… and yet it was one of the best things I have done, I think we all need an excuse to make a fool of ourselves and talk to strangers!

This is what I learnt:

  • Talking to strangers is HARD
  • Homemade signs are no match for the wind
  • Lollipops are the best way to win people over to the fact that you are annoying them while wearing a sign
  • Pack sun block
  • Good friends who come for the mocking were essential
  • Although people say they are going to vote and they take the lollipop… they know they really won’t
  • You need a permit to ask people to vote for you in Bondi…
  • Bondi people are more open to voting than Coogee people
  • You can meet some really cool people when you jump out of your comfort zone
  • People are generally nice… except for that one group of Brazilians who were rude – oh well you cant win em’all

So after I spent the weekend making a fool of myself – please take pity on me and look at my entry, if you like it use the green buttons on the right of the video to share it – this is how you vote! DO IT!


Here I am making a fool of myself – enjoy!


One thought on “Foolishness in a home-made sign

  1. You are as daft as a brush, I think that sums up you nicely. Never the less i wish you all the vewry best.I would have never thouight of getting dressed up as a sandwichman a brilliant idea i suppose,but i would have never have had the gall.

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