The Ever Evolving Life List

Bucket lists, life list, lists in general have been on my mind a lot lately.  It all started when I found out about My Destinations Biggest Baddest Bucket List Competition which in turn lead me to spending a couple of weeks running around Sydney filming myself (for the competition video and not because I am strange)

When I grew tired of flipping through my Lonely Planet Best in Travel Books I turned to the unending tool of the internet, where, while wandering around the Internet looking at other people’s bucket lists I found this blog by Colin Bennett –

Which I loved because:

  • I also disagree the name “bucket list” it’s a list about living not about dying.
  • When I was 22 I wrote up a list which I have kept in my wallet ever since… hmmm
  • The items on my list are un-focused and generalised
  • I had some of the same items on my list

I do have a slight issue with whole idea of a bucket list/life list – I find it constraining.  Through my short years of travel I have learnt one thing – nothing happens the way you plan.  If you are to do a life list it should be a short-term thing so that it can adapt with the experiences that you have and not constrain you to ideas that might become outdated when you learn of new and exciting things to do.  That’s why I like reading Lesley’s blog as her list is created yearly

Here is the list that I have been carrying around in my wallet since I was 22. Its been in my wallet getting tatty and creased, I pull it out at odd times when I am bored and want something to think about. However, it now feels outdated and constricting. But predominately I find it tame… and a little bit lame.

At 22 I hadn’t seen much and so most items on the list involved just leaving and seeing something new – now if I were to win BBBL I would want to do things a little bit more exciting than what 22-year-old Helen thought up.

  1. Get a motorbike licence – Still something I want to do
  2. Write a novel – it’s a long slow work in progress
  3. Learn to surf – planned for next month, half TICK
  4. Travel Australia in a combi van – did it in a Ford Festiva… does that count?
  5. Finish my degree – TICK
  6. Learn to ski – TICK in New Zealand
  7. Own my own place – fat chance in Sydney
  8. Create my own library – to keep my plethora of books in
  9. Ride a camel in a desert
  10. Visit Pemba, where Mum lived in Africa
  11. Party in Greece with my cousin Kerry (we made this plan when we were 13…)
  12. Visit Istanbul – Now, one of my dream trips would be to travel from Cairo to Istanbul
  13. Live in Europe – Does England count?
  14. See the great pyramids
  15. See the African Savannah, David Attenborough style
  16. See Emperor Penguins in Antarctica, David Attenborough style
  17. Go to Russia – I was obsessed with the Disney film Anastasia…
  18. Sleep on a beach – WHY, sand flies?
  19. Paraglide across the Grand Canyon
  20. Own a walk in wardrobe
  21. Participate in the tomato throwing festival
  22. Fly first class –Oh yeah
  23. See Uluru to Broome – Half TICK, have been to Uluru
  24. Spent New Years in New York – New Years is always over rated, don’t want to ruin New York
  25. Live in Sydney – TICK
  26. Drink in an Irish pub in Ireland – Assume it would feel just like going to any pub in Bondi
  27. Sleep in an igloo – WHY….?
  28. Get to base camp one on Everest – Still in a constant state of training for this one
  29. See a grizzly bear in Canada
  30. Drive a Porsche
  31. See Viknaslodir Iceland
  32. Get my diving ticket – Now I want to do this so I can dive with hammer-head sharks in Belize
  33. Eat in the Djemaa El Fna in Morocco
  34. Walk the Inca trail

My bucket list

So to help me fulfil my own exciting bucket list vote for me in My Destinations competition. DO IT – VOTE NOW!

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