Not the Kitchen Sink

Packing again?  Doing the old trick of laying out everything, halving it, then halving it again… and your pack is still too heavy. You call your mum/friend/boyfriend/girlfriend/neighbour to look at your pile of stuff and remove anything they deem unnecessary.  Finally you are set to go – adventure begins – and when you arrive you realise the all-important item that you forgot (tooth brush) but it doesn’t really matter as you just go buy new one.

Yet what are the items that you can’t travel without? That can’t be replaced successfully, whether because they are unique or sentimental –that you could never start an adventure without?

On my first trip abroad alone, at the fresh young age of 18, my well-travelled godfather gave me several essential travel necessities.  Over the years some of those items have dropped by the wayside, deemed less important or disappeared into the great chasm that consumes everything, eventually, when you stay in hostels – but two items have stayed with me for every trip and I will not travel without!

NUMBER ONE – My red Swiss flat army knife card– it’s the size of a credit card so slips easy into your wallet or money belt. This may seem like a tourist trinket to most, but this little red card full of gadgets has gotten me out of many tough spots. It contains so many little useful things in one easy to use card:

  • How many times have you grabbed some rolls, cheese and salami and gone for a picnic only to realise that you didn’t pack a knife – here comes trusty Swiss Army Knife Card.
  • Then there was the time I locked my backpack up with a padlock… with the keys inside. I used the tweezers and mini pen to pick the lock.  This actually happened to me twice – have since bought a combination lock – if I can pick this lock anyone can!
  •  Got a splinter from climbing out a junk boat – no problems, Swiss Army Knife comes fully equipped with tweezers.
  • Not to mention the time your tore a nail when rock climbing but your nail file disappeared in week one of your trip – it has one of them too
  • Or when you finally decide to cut off all of the bright string bracelets you have been collecting – you can use the scissors.
  • Scissors also come in handy when needing to open any number of things like food packaging or cutting tags of new clothes.

NUMBER TWO – The quick dry towel – mine is a jumbo which is AWSOME.  Now, I am not purposely ripping off Douglas Adams – I just happen to wholeheartedly agree with him.

  • It packs down to a small bundle, unlike other towels which are big and bulky taking up valuable souvenir space
  • Doubles up as a pretty warm blanket
  • Or a pillow
  • Sand doesn’t cling to it so your bag doesn’t shed sand for several weeks after you have left the beach
  • Great for wrapping up the breakable souvenirs in
  • It’s in the name Quick Dry – ten minutes and you can pack it, ready for another adventure

What are your “must not travel without” items?


5 thoughts on “Not the Kitchen Sink

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